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Stair Lifts

In most cases a stair lift will be the least expensive solution to transport a person between levels of their home, provided that the person can transfer safely to and from the chair. Stairlifts are available in indoor and outdoor models and came with straight or curved rail systems. Straight stairlifts will transport users from the bottom to the top of a straight set of stairs but do not run horizontally at the top or bottom or turn any corners. They will always reside within the stair space somewhere. Curved stairlifts feature a custom-built rail system that will turn corners or follow curved walls and can wrap around a banister or wall at the top or bottom so the chair parks wholly outside of the stair space. Modern stairlifts are available with many options to allow their use in narrow staircases and congested spaces and adapt to the specific needs of users.

Stair Lift Options

Depending on the lift you choose there are many options available. Some of the most important deal with the tripping hazard that can be created by the stairlift rail at the bottom of the stairs. Others enable a stairlift to be installed in a stairway where there is a door immediately at the top of the stairs. Other options customize the unit to suit the individual user