Summit Project - Victoria, BC

Completion of the Summit Project in Victoria

Stiltz Lift In Cowichan Valley January 2020

This installation was coordinated with local contractors with permits obtained through IM from the local municipal government.

Interior Multi-Floor Elevator, April/2019

This is a Savaria Infinity Elevator we recently completed in a custom home built by P. Cosgrave Construction.  The customer needed the three story home to be completely accessible while maintaining a styling and modern look to it. They were more then happy with the finished product.

Stiltz Duo Home Elevator - March 2019

Navigating your home can become increasingly difficult, especially when you rely on a walker or wheelchair. This Duo Home Elevator can solve that problem for you! It doesn't take up very much room making it easy to fit into almost any homes layout and when it moves down to the lower floor it creates it's own hatch so there are no safety hazards to worry about either. 

Extra Long Stairlift Install-January 2019

Sometimes you love where you live so much that you will do anything to be able to stay in your home as long as possible. This home in Alert Bay is no exception, but with an extra long stair case running 22 feet long they weren't sure if it was going to be possible. The customers were elated when our tech let them know that the Bruno Elan stairlift would be the perfect solution for their needs. After a full days installation they couldn't be happier with the end result.

Outdoor Platform Lift - Dec 5/18

This Bruno VPL-3153B Vertical Platform Lift is the perfect answer to the all to common question "How do I stay in my own home now that my mobility has changed?"  This lift was easily installed in one day giving the home owner security and freedom while staying in the home they love.

Freecurve Stairlift Install - November/2018

This curved stairlift has turned a set of stairs that can be difficult to navigate for those with mobility problems into an easy ride. The curved stairlifts are custom made to fit your stairs, making them a guaranteed fit for any home. The chair folds up when not in use to make maneuvering around it safe and easy.

Complex Ramp Install - June/18

Ramps can help give you access to your home so you don't need to move. The length of the ramp is determined by how high of a rise it needs to reach. For every inch of rise you need one foot of ramp to meet code. And as you can see....we can make that work even in smaller spaces!

Custom Curved Stair Lift - June/2018

If you live in the Comox Valley then you are definitely familiar with the Comox Box style of home that we are famous for up here. It is a very popular style of home giving you easy access to the upper and lower level of your home from the front entry way. However, if you have mobility problems, or develop mobility problems it can make it very difficult to safely get from one floor to the other. A custom curved stair lift can help you get all the from the bottom floor to the top in one fluid movement!

Luxton Installation - June 2018

This is a new Group Home that needed a continuous ceiling track that would go from room to room in one seemless smooth movement. Guldmann is the only ceiling track company that makes something like this. The joiner peices outside of each room are called Switchtracks. The "Switches" allow the tracking to change direction just like a railway track does. A simple flick of the switch on the wall and you can easily move a loved one or group home resident from thier rooms to any other room that the tracking goes to with out having to move them from one lift to another. This not only makes things easier on your residents, but it is also safer for the care staff.

Outdoor Lift Install - June 2018

The Savaria V1504 is a full enclosed external lift with power operated doors. This client needed to be able to get from thier parking area on the main floor of thier home up to the second floor. We cut a doorway into the wall of the second floor and installed the lift so that he can get from the car into his home safely and it keeps him out of the elements as well.

Indoor Lift - June 2018

This is a Savaria Telecab 17ft Through Floor Lift with a power opertator. The cab of the lift is fully enclosed for your safety and the lift actually passes through a hole in the floor to et your from one level of your home to another. When going up to the second floor the roof of the lift carries the upper floor section with it and it rises, when it comes back down the floor lowers with it and then seals the hole closed on a steel frame so that it is secure enough to be walked on while in that position.

Custom Wooden Entry Ramp

Ramps are a great option when making accessibility to your home easier....but sometimes the design of your home works against you! Standard aluminum ramps can come in many different lengths but they are all a standard width, making it difficult to fit them into tighter spaces. Our technicians can build custom wooden ramps to fit into your space giving you the freedom to come and go as you please with safety and security.

Ramp Install - November/2018

This ramp is a wonderful example of a very easy way to keep your loved ones in their homes for longer. The ramp allows them to safely leave their home without the need of using the stairs. Our ramps are height adjustable and can be made to fit in virtually any situation.

Complex Ceiling Track Installation, August/2017

This complex installation of a Guldmann lift system in a healthcare facility incorporating curved track, combi locks and a large room-covering system.  After consulting with engineers and architects, Island Lift Systems was able to complete this installation in a timely fashion and to high standards mandated by the facility.

GoodLife Fitness Victoria Marathon

Island Mediquip and QRamp partnered together to offer help and support at the GoodLife Marathon on October 7/18. The GoodLife Marathon is the only Certified Boston Qualifier on Vancouver Island that offers a world class record breaking course designed by runners for runners. You can enjoy the beautiful scenic views while getting in an amazing race with people from across the island.  The ramps were placed at the exit of the event where all the participants including wheelchair athletes exited the event.  Over 8,000 people used the ramps in total and they still look brand new!

Two-Way Ramp System - July 2018

Everyone's home and yard is completely different. We can design and install a ramp to fit every situation so you can safely get in and out of your home no matter what the obstacle is!

Wood Hand Railing Install - June/2018

Hand railing is a great way to stay safe in a home that has stairs. We can help design a railing to try and match what you currently have and one that will fit in any space. Railings are very diverse and can be made to fit in any shape ensuring the proper safety in your home or the home of a loved one.

Curved Stair Lift Installation, October/2017

This custom-coloured single track curved system specified by the client blends in with the décor of the home while providing features such as 180 degree park at the top of the stairs.  This single track option is a visually-attractive option available at similar costs to the twin rail option.

Modular Ramp System, May/2017

Upon request from a conference planner, Island Lift Systems was able to provide a short term rental of a modular ramp to allow independent access for attendees that could only access the stage area by power wheelchair.

Complex Ceiling Track Installation - March/2017

This group home was having difficulty accessing parts of the home due to existing fire suppression system and lighting. Island Lift Systems was able to install turntables and curved track to access difficult to reach areas in the washroom as well as incorporating a dedicating charging area that wouldn’t interfere with clients’ safety.

Curved Stair Lift Installation - Feb/2017

The client was having a difficult time walking up two flights of stairs and a landing.  Normally, the chair stops at the top of the stairs, but we were able to add a 180 degree bend at the top of the stairs to make it easier for the client to access the chair and minimizing the risk of falling.