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Home Accessibility Solutions

No one wants to be forced to move from their home. Especially if you’ve lived there for years, forming emotional attachments and creating precious memories. Feeling comfortable in your home is vitally important to your happiness and well-being.

The realities of getting older can compromise this. Your home can become unfit for your changing mobility and accessibility needs. As a result, you can be forced to move before you are ready.

Living room with home elevator installed in the corner

Stay Independent in Your Home

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Island Lift Systems offers accessibility solutions that ensure you can remain in the home you chose without having to compromise comfort or safety.

We assess your needs and the layout of your home to find solutions that transform your household into a space that meets all of your accessibility requirements. This makes sure you avoid the upheaval of a undesired move and minimize compromises that affect your daily life.

With our detailed process, we work with you to determine your needs and how to best fulfill them. From a detailed plan, we complete the installation to the highest standards and get you back to enjoying the home you love.

Stay in Your Home!

The family appreciated the help - full service you gave us; and the equipment to keep Mother mobile and comfortable. We highly recommend you to others at every possible opportunity. A big thank you!

Mrs. McKenzie